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About Us

Thank you for visiting us.

 Live Tuff represents a life long dream to create a company that represented our journey.  We are a mother daughter duo from Texas. Since my daughter was 11 we have had this name on our minds.  It was definitely our motto in life. I was and still am a single mom. I have two degrees, I served in the U.S. army reserves, and have several different types of professional licenses as well as a few other small businesses.

My daughter has two degrees as well, professional licenses, played professional sports, and has a drive like no other.

We have been through TUFF times and wonderful times,  but through it all we were just two women. We feel that this brand has the potential to help women empower themselves, make fun of themselves, and heal themselves.

Don’t be afraid of letting us know what you would like to see on our shirts as well as any helpful comments. We care about our what women have to say.

We hope you enjoy our website and just try to have fun with our shirts. Everyday we hear or say something that ends up on them.


 Edie and Cortnee.